This site is a dedication to shadows, something we see everyday and take for granted as, so it is, but hey, there is one that follows you around everyday. Have you ever looked at your shadow and thought of, who are you, or even gave it a name as a friend and companion? Just goes to show you are never alone. Like it or not, this is one you can not get rid of.

Just to set the record straight from the beginning. This site is not about “the evil” as most people would like to interpret shadows. As a matter of fact this site is for enlightenment. If you really look at the evidence of shadows, you will see that where the light shines the brightest the shadows are the darkest. Think about that.


The Shadow Council welcomes you and believe that you would find this site most interesting and invites you to participate in discussions and even become an editor to post your views and beliefs on the tings that lurk in the shadows. Feel free to contact us to become a member. It is free of course, however contributions are welcome as it does help with costs.



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